☆☆Make Better Grades Your New Year’s Resolution! ☆☆

It’s hard to believe (for me anyway, I must be getting old lol) that it’s 2012. I was thinking about all of the resolutions I have made, and not always kept,over the years. At times we can place unrealistic expectations for ourselves, and although we may have good intentions, our resolutions seem to fall by the wayside so to speak. When I was in high school I remember making a resolution to study every day. I would get home from my classes and not only review, but study the notes I had taken in my classes that day. This helped me to retain information at a comfortable pace, and avoided the dreaded “cramming” so often done before tests. This resolution eventually became a daily habit that continued throughout my academic career. Whatever your new year’s resolutions may be, I wish you the best with keeping them and attaining your goals. If you are a student, making better grades your new year’s resolution should be on the top of your new years resolution list!

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