Reading Strategies for Non-Fiction Text

Most of the emphasis in school and on the standardized tests has been on non-fiction reading. Non-fictional informational texts can be beneficial in preparing students to write reports and complete research projects. Although we shouldn’t completely disregard fiction, we need to remember that reading non-fictional texts can be paramount to learning. When a student is […]

Heroic Teacher in the Bronx

I was very touched when I read an article in the UFT Teacher paper about a Bronx teacher who saved a child’s life. Laura Pagoada, a 5th grade ESL teacher at PS 75 in the Bronx saw one of her students choking and used the Heimlich Maneuver to save the child’s life. She had not […]

Proper Nutrition: Important Factor in Academic Performance

There is currently a lot of focus on standardized tests and students’ test performance. Many schools start prepping students in September for the spring standardized tests, and parents hire tutors to work on test prep with their children. As you send your children to school, remember that proper nutrition is a very important factor in […]