Avoid Summer Learning Loss!

Playing, relaxing and enjoying life are all important parts of childhood, and I believe that is how children should spend most of their summer vacations. Unfortunately, summer is also a time to forget what they learned during the preceding year. Research shows that students can lose up to 2 ½ months worth of what they learned in […]

Introducing Prima Tutoring’s Study Buddy Program

We are very pleased to announce our new Study Buddy Program!  Students can meet together with a tutor in groups of 2 or 3.  This is a great opportunity for families that want to save money and still allows for individualized attention for each child. So, find a family member, friend, or two, and contact […]

Help Prepare Your Child for the Short Response Writing Section of the ELA Exam

As you well know, the NYS ELA exam is only weeks away. Students will be expected to answer short response written questions on the test.  Explain to your child that they can follow the simple strategy below to help guide them on the short response portion of the ELA exam.