College Planning for High School Seniors

The senior year in high school is an exciting time, and there are many things to do as you begin to transition from a high school student to college student. The list below will help keep you organized on the college application process.

• If you haven’t already registered to take the SAT, do so now, the registration deadline for the October 6th SAT is September 7th (the late registration is September 21st). If you have already taken the SAT and think that you can achieve a higher score, register to take it again. You can submit your highest scores to the colleges you apply to, as well as take advantage of Super Scoring, which many schools use in their application process. Super Scoring involves taking the highest section scores from multiple SAT Test sittings and creating a composite score. The common application even has a section now where you can super score your tests.
• Plan visits to the schools that you are interested in attending. College tours are a great way to become informed about the schools programs, application process and financial aid.
• Decide which colleges you are going to apply to, organize the applications and make a budget for application fees.
• Discuss college costs with your parents. Decide how much you can afford and explore your options for funding.
• Start applying for scholarships from private organizations. Contact local businesses, as well as your parents’ employers for possible scholarship opportunities. Go online to find out which scholarship opportunities are available.
• Work on application essays. Don’t rush through this process; give yourself sufficient time to write a well written essay of sufficient length that will best represent you.
• Request letters of recommendation from teachers, advisors and employers.
• Complete the college applications in a timely manner. Most applications are due in December.
• Begin gathering financial information and records for the FAFSA (Free Application for Federal Student Aid ) available on January 1. The FAFSA gives you access to the largest source of financial aid to help pay for college. Be aware of the federal, state and college deadlines when applying.

Remember to stay organized as you enter your college application journey, take it one step at a time, and continue to work diligently toward your goals. Your hard work and determination will pay off!

College Planning for High School Seniors

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