Is Your Child in the 1st or 2nd Grade and Still Can’t Read?

Is your child in the 1st or 2nd Grade and still can’t read? Learning how to read is the foundation of a child’s learning experience. Everything a child does in school is based on their reading ability. If a 1st or 2nd grader doesn’t learn how to read they don’t progress with the rest of their classmates and it seriously affects all of their future learning opportunities. If your child is in the 1st or 2nd grade and can’t read, now is the time to get your child the help they need, don’t put it off any further, your child will only fall further behind. Read with your child daily, listening to them as they read what they can, helping them to sound out unfamiliar words, and encouraging them as they make mistakes. It is very important that your child not become discouraged, which can sometimes lead to an intimidation of reading. Let them know that learning to read is a process, and that they will eventually “get it”. Read stories aloud to your child, and discuss story elements with them. Take advantage of online resources  and listen to stories online together. Phonics games and activities are a fun way to review word skills and improve reading fluency. You may also want to find out if your child’s school has tutoring services available, or hire a private tutor to work with your child in your home. Above all, help foster a love for reading that will encourage your child to learn the important skills that will become the foundation for his or her learning experiences.

Is your child in the 1st or 2nd Grade and still can't read?



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