Turn off the TV, Pick up a Book!

I know this may sound old fashioned, but reading really is fun! Although there are so many TV channels to choose from today, sometimes it really does seem as if nothing is on. I must admit that I do enjoy a few sitcoms and of course I am a big American Idol fan, but there really isn’t anything as satisfying as reading a good book. So many students only relate books to the textbooks they are required to read for school. Although it is very important to read these textbooks; (and I do not underestimate the importance of studying) I believe that many kids today don’t realize how many wonderful books there are out there to read. Reading opens up the imagination unlike anything else, can both exercise and relax the mind; and of course, makes us better readers. As we become better readers we are better able to comprehend the textbook assignments which are so necessary to doing well in school. So, whether you read an old fashioned book from the library, or an electronic reader such as the Kindle, read a book that you can enjoy, one that you won’t want to put down; and chances are I won’t have to tell you to turn the TV off again.

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