Why Hire a Tutor?

As a teacher and a parent I value the importance of education.  Beginning in the early formative years it is of the utmost importance that we educate our children, equipping them with the skills that will eventually empower them to become independent, successful learners.  As parents, we want our children to have the best opportunities in life, and to be able to grow into productive members of society. We want them to have even more opportunities than we have had, and more than anything, to be happy… If only we could ensure that they would always be successful, always do well in school, never struggle with a problem, never experience frustration, the list goes on…We try our best to both shield our children from the harsh realities of life and at the same time prepare them with the survival skills that they will need to compete and survive in this global economy. We want them to not only survive, but to thrive, to be the very best they can be, and of course, to be winners.  So, just like an athlete trains for a race, we begin our journey as concerned and dedicated parents; guiding our children in the right direction, giving them help where it is needed, and always encouraging them.

Contrary to what some of us had planned, it is then that “it” happens. It may be a phone call from a teacher that our son is not grasping a concept in school, or it may be a failing grade on our daughter’s report card, the first we (gasp) have ever seen. It may be our child is unable to concentrate in a noisy, overcrowded classroom, or afraid to raise their hand and ask the teacher to explain the math problem. It may be the everyday distractions of middle school, or the never ending call of social activities in high school. Whatever “it” is, this is often a turning point in a parent’s life, the moment we realize that our son or daughter needs help in school.  The moment we realize that we may not be familiar enough with the subject matter to be able to help our child who is struggling in school, the moment we believe that the classroom teacher, no matter how competent they may be, cannot help prepare our child for the upcoming SAT exam…




It is moments like these that make a parent decide to get a tutor to help their child. Although the world, with all of its technological advances continues to change dramatically, some things never change. The advantages of one on one tutoring is one of those things, one cannot compare the benefits of individualized instruction with classroom instruction. There is, in my opinion, no better way for a student to learn than to have a highly qualified tutor who provides personalized, individual instruction to meet the specific needs of that student.  Tutoring is one of the best investments a parent can make in their child’s future, a simple step in the life long journey to academic and personal success. I believe there are many parents who wish they could turn back the hands of time, wish they would have helped their child to become more successful in school, wished they had received a higher score on the SAT, if only…I wonder what price that parent would pay now, in retrospect, to gain a better education for their child?


As previously stated, private tutoring is one of the best investments you can make in your child’s future.  As parents, we are aware of the challenges that our children encounter with school work and studies throughout the year.  Tutors can help them overcome those challenges and difficult learning tasks, equipping them with the tools they need to be successful, independent learners .When our children overcome difficult learning tasks, they feel a sense of accomplishment, which increases their self-esteem, and gives them confidence to continue to gain the academic advantage they need to truly be the very best they can be, to be, a winner.

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